Lisa - Alyssa - Pez

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Lisa - Alyssa - Pez,  the schizophrenic robot, started life out as Lisa (replacing Lisa the Human).  Well, it is a bit misleading to say that Lisa replaced Lisa.  All she (the robot) ever did was squeeze sensors.  Well, she did develop a dislike for Beth, at whom she would sometimes throw sensors.  Lisa lived in the Clean Room behind a glass wall, and we would sometimes know she was ... er ... interacting with Beth by the cries of "Bitch" we could hear through the glass!

In our quest for a Legal for Trade certification, we had to change our production from the two-piece weights we had been buying from a weight company, to one-piece weights.  Since we had found it necessary to do a 100% inspection of these weights anyway, we decided to start making our own weights.  At least calibrating them.  So we bought a super-precision lathe and gave Lisa a new half-identity as Weight calibration Queen.  We named this part Alyssa.

Later, we redesigned the sensor manufacturing process for a more consistent and higher throughput, and assigned Lisa-Alyssa to the job.  This third section of her (by now) quite schizophrenic personality we named Pez, after the section that fed her the sensor springs.

Here are some Quick-time movies of the robots in operation...

They are not compressed, nor are they fine art exactly, but amusing.


Lisa Squeezing Sensors (8M, 23 seconds)


Pez Applying Solder #1 (8M, 23 seconds)


Pez Applying Solder #2 (8M, 23 seconds)


Pez Picking up and aligning a sensor (8M, 23 seconds)


Hal Calibrating scales (11M, 40 seconds)


Dave Calibrating Scales (11M, 40 seconds)

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